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Family Law

Going through a divorce can be a quite traumatising experience, with a lot of stressful situations emanating from separation, including division of assets and liabilities, child support, custody, spousal support, alimony, adoption, dependency and child neglect


Surely, passing every single moment through this emotional and stressful process can take the toll on you. At such a juncture in your life, we can help minimize the tension by taking the burden of court proceedings on our shoulders, from starting divorce proceedings to mediation and conciliation.

Division of Assets and Property Settlements

Our property dispute lawyers can assist you in the division of assets and property settlements between you and your spouse now that both of you are parting ways.

Once you reach an agreement with your former partner about property settlement, it may be finalised through:

Our team of family law experts will offer legal advice as to which option is more appropriate for your circumstances.

Spousal Maintenance

Some circumstances may require separating couples to provide spousal maintenance if your former spouse cannot adequately support themselves or even meet their reasonable needs while you are in a capacity to do so. Such matters are often considered part of the overall settlement of financial matters.